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The McPherson strut TTX46 MT MkII - another high-level championship winning damper.

It has featured heavily in GT, sports car and touring car succes and is accompanied by the TTX40.
The concept of this damper features a 46 mm solid piston with a through rod of 30 mm, providing
a rigid and ultra lightweight strut. To further improve the rigidity, the outer tube is made from a 
special aluminium alloy.

It is 4-way adjustable providing a wide range of adjustments without even taking the strut off the car
Of course it has all the benefits from a positive pressure build-up. As for the TTX40 the - TTX46 - also 
comes with a Valving Reference Program. It's also available with a blow-off kit consisting of a new
cylinder head prepared for the new kit, a valve block and a blow-off adjuster. 
The blow-off kit reduces peak loads, makes the driving over curbs much smoother, improve laptimes
and in the end saves tires.

The damper can be modified to suit most of the different types of racing cars and covers a wide range
of car types and models. The TTX46 is also available in a two-way adjustable version that together
with the TTX36 creates a powerful combination.

  • TTX technology without cavitation risk
  • McPherson strut suspension
  • 46 mm solid piston, through rod 30 mm
  • 4-way adjustable
  • valve Reference Program
  • optional blow-off piston kit available
  • optional linear displacement sensor kit available
  • also available as a 2-way adjustable version
  • fully rebuildable and revalveable by Madeno Racing

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