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ORQ Rally Raid & Off-Road

The ORQ series off-road dampers has been a success in
all kinds of Rally Raid & Off-Road events.

The ORQ 16/46 was first out designed with Off-Road and Rally Raid cars in mind as well as simular kinds of vehicles where this layout is suitable.

It has a swiveling hose for increased flow potential and ease of mounting on the vehicle. The dampers are of a 46 mm piston type with remove reservoirs. They have compression and rebound adjusters together with the PDS (Progressive Damping System). The dampers come with a protecting sleeve and two circlips to help prevent spring wear.

Features ORQ 16/46
  • 46 mm piston
  • Remote reservoir
  • Available in three different lenghts
  • PDS (Progressive Damping System)
  • 2-way adjustable
  • fully rebuild & revalveable by Madeno Racing

The ORQ 18/50 is the next step in the Öhlins ORQ series for Rally Raid and serious Off-Road.
Suitable for off-road and rally-raid this new damper features a 50 mm piston and 18 mm piston rod. The whole design is very robust to withstand the high forces and demands presented in off-road
such as rally raid and similar events.

Details such as spherical plain bearings and the rebound adjustment has been reinforced.
The ORQ 18/50 also features the new improved PDS (Progressive Damping System), feature on Öhllins rally dampers.

It's available in two versions, either with the reservoir in a piggyback version or in a remote hose version. The 18/50 is two-way compression adjustable and one-way rebound adjustable.

Features ORQ 18/50
  • 50 mm piston
  • 18 mm piston rod
  • PDS (Progressive Damping Systmen)
  • 3-way adjustable
  • robust design
  • lightweight aluminium body
  • available in three different lenghts
  • optional custom build up to 350 mm stroke
  • optional piggyback cylinderhead available
  • fully rebuild & revalveable by Madeno Racing

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